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What It Means to Be a FAiry?

by Vanessa Ferrelli November 23, 2016

Do you love the French Affair brand? 

Have you taken selfies in our intimates? 

Do you look amazing in that previously mentioned selfie?

Have you ever wanted to be featured on or in French Affair ads? 

Who said that beautiful and luxurious bralettes and form-fitting high-waisted briefs were not as important as what goes over them?

No one ever.

So, when we say that we are a different kind of intimates line--One that celebrates you, the whole woman/person who is sexy, supportive, beautiful and in control--we mean it, and we want to see it!

If you've seen our Models Wanted page, you know that we are constantly looking for fresh new faces and fans. It’s important that we are able to represent the wide diversity of all of our consumers.

We believe that being a FAiry isn't about being a professional fashion model, even if you are, that’s not the only part of you; it's about being the best version of yourself every day and looking and dressing in things that make you feel your best.

This is why so many of the professionals we have worked with are fans of our designs, mantras, and messaging. It's ingrained in who we are.

We know that French Affair would be nothing without you all! Hearing from you through Facebook and Instagram comments, and even through email, ensures that we know what you think about our products. What you want to see more of, and what designs are blowing you away!

That's why we are asking for all of our followers and fans to send us their snaps for a chance to be featured in one of our new campaigns. We would love if you joined us on this new adventure. Not only would we love to be inspired by you, and to share it with the world.

We want to know how French Affair makes you feel.

How do we support you every day on your path to success?

So, what do you think?

Are you ready to be a FAiry and join the #MyFrenchAffair family? Let us know! We are excited to get to know you better and to know what you like!

Please check out our Models Wanted page to learn more!

There are many brands that want to sell you intimates... But only 1 that wants to be a part of your life--French Affair.

Vanessa Ferrelli
Vanessa Ferrelli


Vanessa Ferrelli is currently a Senior Advisor for Union Square Strategic based in Washington, D.C. and Socially Mined in NY. Ms. Ferrelli has spent over fifteen years building businesses, assisting brands to effectively utilize digital platforms, and consulting in a range of industries. She provides advisement in the digital space including branding, strategy, execution, and media management. She has worked with many businesses and individuals in unique markets including Grumman Studios, a famed movie studio in New York, as well as the late Bobby Womack, during his final tour. Ms. Ferrelli provides clients with expertise in digital and social, matching the numerous online platforms with clients’ and executing creative strategies to find product market fit and sustain a competitive edge. Ms. Ferrelli has also assisted solopreneurs and brick & mortar companies with understanding the digital landscape, preparing for an online web or product launch, and creating and managing targeted branding campaigns. She is able to identify cross-promotional opportunities and build relationships in multiple sectors. In addition to her ongoing relationship with Union Square Strategic, Ms. Ferrelli is Founder of myEPK Media, a creative digital marketing company and manages models and talent, influencers and professionals as brands through her own brand VFM, Vanessa Ferrelli Management. Ms. Ferrelli is involved in several other business ventures: she participates in the development of Christian Ministries, and- as a passionate equestrian-she is a consultant for the legendary ‘Bethpage Polo at the Park’, which takes place in New York every summer. She successfully engaged the US Polo Assn. as a Title Sponsor at Bethpage State Park and produced the brand video that played in New York’s Penn Station for Jordache. Beyond being actively committed to growing polo in the United States, Ms. Ferrelli is also an investor and incubator for local businesses and politics. She attended SUNY College at Old Westbury, New York for Political Science, Economics, Law and Marketing. Contact: