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Our Story

Our name may be “French Affair” but we are very much enamored with the true Bohemian spirit—the unconventionalthat inspires our designs. We believe in body positivity, in self-care, in every and all identities. We believe in diversity, inclusion, and representation of your body, of every body.

We struck out to be a brand that inspired women to feel that the pieces closest to their bodies, most closely reflected them—inside and out. The multi-dimensional person pursuing their dreams, and the ferocity, resilience, power, and, should you choose, sexiness that one needs to move through the world.

So while there are a lot of brands out there, who look and act the same, they keep forgetting the part about there being no such thing as one “body.” We’re as unique as you. Tinkering, exploring, and experimenting with the best fit, fabric, and unique combination. Sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re wrong, but we always keep trying.

French Affair was also created to fill the gap in the market, left by uninspiring intimates brands, all copying each other. Boring. We wanted to create a brand that encourages you to feel really, really good about what’s under your clothes, as well as what’s under ours. We encourage you to be you, without fear, or exclusion. The same freedom and power of choice you have in your closet every day, we aim to put that power right into your underwear drawer.

That’s why we created a brand of intimates that doesn’t say they support and encourage you and then push you away with pricing that doesn’t reflect true core values or competitive price points. We are who we say we are. And for any woman, who wants to feel like their best selves in something beautiful, durable, and without putting a beatdown on their wallets, French Affair is here for you.

Every bra, panty, body, and budget. It’s not about words. It’s what we do. So we are calling you out: tough, confident, bad-ass females all over the world. Join us, and enjoy #MyFrenchAffair, whether you’re at the gym, the club, or the office. If you’re teaching a Physics class or on the way to Bikram. Maybe you fight fires, or you fight lawsuits. Perhaps you’re a “tomboy” or you’re dating a boy named Tom. Either way, we promise that we’ve got a style and fit for you.

French Affair fans and brand loyalists can connect with us directly online at or exclusively through Instagram, where we post behind-the-scenes looks, fits, and our newest styles and collections. Please follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for our newest posts. While browsing our feed, you may discover new ways to mix and match your favorite products, and make some friends too!

French Affair is distributed via direct channels, including our secure e-commerce and responsive website. Look for our logo and #MyFrenchAffair to ensure it is our premium quality of fabrics and products. You may also find French Affair products in many top department stores.

French Affair has one wholesale showroom - in New York, New York.

Come by and see us some time.